Angry School Boy

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Angry School Boy

Angry School Boy

Angry School Boy

Angry School Boy is a relatively straightforward meme, done in the format that is becoming typical for a large group of memes. This meme is usually shown in rectangular format, with the cutout of a young boy’s head in the center and a colored background shooting out rays of color to highlight the head of the Angry School Boy in the middle. This meme depicts the sayings that would potentially come out of the mouths of babes – angry male ones of the youngish sort. There are two main variations of the photo of the boy, the first being one with more of a snarl, and the second showing a different boy with a mouth wide open and appearing to be screaming. Angry School Boy captures the young rebellious years, where one is not fully aware of all that life has to offer, but has a few very well formulated opinions regarding the things that they experience around them. While the Angry School Boy lacks a wealth of general knowledge, he certainly knows his memes and popular culture, and many of the references made by him cover one or both of these topics. Examples of quotes from Angry School Boy include: “Fucking 30K ice lance”, and “Stop posting shit on my wall”.

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