Annoying Facebook Girl

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Annoying Facebook Girl

Annoying Facebook Girl

Annoying Facebook Girl

There is a certain gleeful relish to the variations of Annoying Facebook Girl meme. This meme banks on a universal hatred of irritating young female Facebook users, who use the social networking platform to do outrageous things that they think are super cute but that just make everyone else shake their heads in disgusted astonishment. Annoying Facebook Girls generally think that everything they do is totally adorable, funny, and cute. Everyone else usually has to grind their teeth in frustration and bear it. The other aspect to Annoying Facebook Girls is that they are extremely prolific, so it becomes very difficult to avoid seeing or experiencing the results of their hard work doing cute things on Facebook. This particular meme uses the photo of a girl who is making what she thinks is a funny face but really looks quite horrific – her mouth is open wider than Steven Tyler’s and her eyes are rolled up showing a good deal of whites. There is a blue and white wheel of color behind her. She is dedicated to boring status updates covering the minutiae of her life in excruciating detail. While the source of the photo that the Annoying Facebook Girl comes from is not known, the original picture shows the girl with two of her friends all making funny faces on a dark background. Notable Annoying Facebook Girl variations include: “Vague status … For attention”, and “Post philosophical status update in an attempt to look smart … Wrong form of you’re”.

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