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The banana suggests that you're on the right track; all your doubts, fears and disappointments have been washed away with the right words. Just think and you'll probably come to the same conclusion. As the first thing you say before you take a nap, don't be afraid to let go of any concerns or fears that might linger while you dream of something new (no, the dream hasn't changed; it's just that now it doesn't feel as if the words are there to make a statement). Take the time to listen to someone you trust – a trusted friend; a trusted lover – and you'll notice that dreams, despite their seeming abruptness and absence of any form of purpose, come with clear, understandable intentions. "We dream, of course, because we want to be remembered, to think, and to be with the one we love and to know that we are in time and space, and not always in the same place at the same times," said John Bogle, a professor emeritus of psychology at the University of Massachusetts. "But the dream as a process in itself is important, so it is not the same as, say, a dream of love and death."

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