Butthurt Dweller

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Butthurt Dweller

Butthurt Dweller

Butthurt Dweller

Beware – the mug on this meme is less than attractive. Butthurt Dweller’s face could just about curdle milk, which is perfect for the meme. The gentleman in question also goes by the alias of “Gordon Granudo”. This is a perfect example of the essence of a meme – it captures a universal experience shared by millions of internet users throughout the world. Everyone seems to know That Guy. You know the one. The guy who, while sorely lacking in aesthetic attractiveness and seeming to have nothing to recommend him as a quality member of the human race, still nonetheless claims superiority over every other person. This fellow, unshaven, pimply, scruffy, a little greasy, ponytailed and wearing glasses, spouts smarmy smug invectives. Clueless to his unattractiveness, he considers himself above every one and every thing, and the sayings reflect that. The photograph used in the meme has been tracked back to an actual person, KimmoKM, from Finland. He was actually interviewed on IRC, where he discussed the origin of Butthurt Dweller, saying that it began on a Finnish image board which translates as “Ugly whore, I Wouldn’t Fuck Her”. It was first registered back in 2003 as “Basement Dweller”, depicting a youngish man who is basically a total loser, living with his parents in their basement and playing video games all day while trying to get women to notice him. He is filled with excuses.

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