give me a hug, man

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give me a hug, man

give me a hug, man

give me a hug, man

Will Smith is sent to the hospital following a tragic incident when he yelled to the cabin, and a guy started shooting. Carlton knocks as he enters the room, "Give me a hug, man." Will says as his face distorts. "Give me a hug." he says once more as Carlton crosses the room and begins to hug him. "Would you make me a sandwich?" Carlton asks, immediately followed with a nonchalant "No." from Will. Carlton angers as Will does not make him the sandwich he desires, he sharply turns around and flips the table next to the hospital bed. "No more hugs, Will." he says as he turns back to face him, "You owe me!" Will screams. "Oh okay." Carlton responds as he quickly goes back across the room for another hug. He presses a gun against Will's chest while holding him close. "What is that?" Will questions, as he feels the cold steel pressing against him, "It's a gun." replied Carlton coldly. Will begins patting Carlton on the back now fearing for his life, "You're carrying a gun? What do you think you-" "Could you make me a sandwich?" Carlton interrupts. "Carlton are you out of your mind, man?" Will asks, "I'm going to start making some rules." Carlton states, as he fires the gun twice directly into Will's chest. "You're dead, Will." he coldly declares.

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