Paranoid Parrot

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Paranoid Parrot

Paranoid Parrot

Paranoid Parrot

The Paranoid Parrot is another Advice Dog spin-off, with a blue parrot head placed on a blue and orange color wheel. This parrot has been placed on #11 on the Demigod List on MemeGenerator for its popularity, which it has achieved through over 16,000 recreations on MemeGenerator alone. This paranoid parrot has also got its own website, as well as a dedicated Tumblr site, Fuck Yeah Paranoid Parrot, which is daily updated with new statements from the paranoid parrot. The poor parrot is basically being paranoid about every little thing, from replying to a FaceBook comment at the right moment so it doesn’t look like it doesn’t have a life, to what went wrong since it finished the test before everyone else. A lot of people can most likely relate to some of what the parrot has to say, at least since there are several thousand reasons the parrot is being paranoid! There are twelve Paranoid Parrot templates on MemeGenerator, some featuring the parrot with a different head, as well as some with a different background color. The origin of the actual parrot is unknown, and some say that the image template and/or macro were first posted on 4Chan in 2009. Either way, the Paranoid Parrot is a highly popular meme today, both on MemeGenerator and on similar meme sites. It has its own Twitter account, as well as its own website;, and the popularity of the paranoid bird seems to never end.

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