Wario Golicha

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Wario Golicha

Wario Golicha

Wario Golicha

Wario Golicha, Health Sector Associate (KPMG East Africa IDAS) Wario studied in Kenya for his primary and secondary education before he moved to Egypt for his undergraduate degree in accounting. He was then given diplomatic protection and transferred to Sudan after the instability that rocked the country. “It was a wonderful opportunity to live and study in such a developed, diverse and friendly country like Egypt before the country became politically unstable in 2011,” he says recounting his transfer to a university in Sudan to complete his education. He describes his experience in Sudan as a country synonymous with humility and humanity. While he was in Sudan, he got an additional opportunity to enrol at Cambridge International College where he did International Diploma in Project management. In 2012 he graduated from the International University of Africa, Sudan with a BSc in Accounting. By virtue of his stay in Sudan and Egypt, Wario speaks and writes fluently in Arabic. Wario was first employed as a Sharia Compliance officer in an insurance firm, then he went into accounting for Kenya Red cross and later into NGO work as a project development officer, working with the community to help and find solutions desired to achieve the global sustainable goals. He now works in IDAS as a grants associate in Global fund where he mainly deals with Health system strengthening (HSS) in Sudan and also assists in translations, interpretation and analysis of Arabic documents and information. His major focus is to develop professionally and achieve deep expertise in global performance standards. “I’m quite optimistic that this will be the epitome of my career for professional excellence so as to inspire confidence and empower change in the world” he says.

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