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No better way to say happy birthday!

Birthdays are special occasions, and when it comes to wishing a friend or loved one happy birthday, there are really very few better few ways to do it then with posting a big, fat, happy birthday meme to their timeline. 

Top 5 Happy Birthday memes on MemesHappen

Below is a selection of the top 5 happy birthday memes created by our users.

Happy Birthday from Stevie Wonder!

I know i wont see you  But happy birthday meme - Stevie Wonder
Very few have attained the level of fame achieved by Stevie wonder in his lifetime, and it will come to no suprise to the majority that Stevie Wonder was in fact, a blind musician. This cult favorite meme which has been shared over 7,00 times and viewed over 60,000 times is perfect for that special person on loved once you just won't be seeing on their special day. Paste it to their timeline by copying the following link:


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Morgan Freeman wishes you a Happy Birthday!

I'M MORGAN FREEMAN, AND I'M WISHING YOU A HAPPY BIRTHDAY And you just read that in my voice meme - Morgan Freeman
Viewed more tahn 24,000 times, this all time favorite meme of morgan freeman wishing you a very happy birthday has been shared over 100 times. To share this meme, copy and past the following URL in yorur buddies' timeline.


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Happy Birthday Grrllll!

HAPPY Birthday GIRRLLLL!! meme - Custom
As self explanaoty as it gets, this meme has been shared over 1,600 timesand viewed over 20,000 times. Show that grrllll some love on her special day.


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Happy Birthday you Sexy Beast!

No better person to say it than the famous Unicorn Man. With over 15,000 views, this meme is sure to be a delightful addition to a special someone's timeline, especially those more "extravagant creatures."


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Donald Trump Wishes you Happy Birthday!

Nobody wishes happy birthday better than me believe me meme -  Donald Trump
Last but definitely not least, he most improtant person in the world by his own declaration, Donald J Trump, wishes you a very happy birthday! and you can believe that no-one wishes happy birthday better than Donald Trump.

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